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It has come to my attention that spammers have stolen my domain name and email address to use in their forged email headers to escape detection as they've done to so many others.

Please don't be angry at me and please understand that I am just as much a victim as the recipients of the spam. There is nothing I can do about it except put up this webpage to let you know I am aware of the problem and am not part of it. 

Since the only time you might receive a genuine email from would be in reply to a message you sent using my email address on, please immediately delete any other emails pretending to be from

I registered to have an author's website and am currently using to share my writing, photography, and information acquired through other interests. Eventually, I'll bring my writing over to this website, but that time isn't yet and I don't want to get blacklisted for spamming in the meantime.

I'm hoping there's a special place in hell for spammers where they'll be wrapped in heavy chains holding them in bondage to computers with flames licking at their souls as they read and click on the links in every single one of the spam emails they've ever sent to each one of us. If it's as I wish, when they're done, they'll start over and continue in that state for all eternity.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


Gail Rhea               

  August 5, 2010          











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